Cleaning Tips for Busy Work Environments

Cleaning Tips for Busy Work Environments

Cleaning Tips for Busy Work Environments


Keeping a workspace clean is not just about aesthetics—it's also a reflection of your organization's professionalism and care for its employees’ health. This blog post is a comprehensive guide for business owners and facility managers who need to maintain a tidy workplace, even when the workday is in full swing. This is crucial for companies based in Commerce, CA, home to bustling commercial sectors that thrive on top-notch cleanliness and hygiene.

To ensure productivity isn't disrupted and your employees can focus on what matters most without the noise of cleaning, read on for effective strategies when janitorial services are performed with your personnel present.


Understanding the Scope of the Job

Before plunging into the cleaning process, a savvy facility manager must understand the interplay of staff movement, priority areas, and potential disruptions.

Set Realistic Expectations

First and foremost, it’s important to manage expectations. Cleaning with employees around is markedly different from a post-work or off-hours cleanup. Remember, the goal is to maintain an acceptable level of cleanliness during business hours, not to complete a deep clean or major maintenance.

Identify High-Traffic Zones

Your workspace isn't uniformly used. Identify areas that see the most traffic and clutter. Focusing on entries, exits, restrooms, and break rooms ensures these areas are constantly presentable.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

Develop a daily or weekly cleaning schedule aligned with quieter periods or moments when staff are less likely to be inconvenienced. Communicate this schedule clearly to align the expectations of your cleaning staff and employees.

Equipment and Product Selection

Equipping your janitorial staff with the right tools and products is crucial. They should be effective, efficient, and imperceptible in terms of noise and smell.

Silent but Deadly (Clean)

Opt for commercial-grade equipment known for quiet operation. High-speed, low-noise vacuums, and sweepers with HEPA filters can ensure cleaning is done without disturbing meetings or calls.

Eco-Friendly and Odorless Solutions

Choose environmentally safe and odorless cleaning agents. This not only keeps the air clean but also prevents strong fragrances that trigger allergies or sensory overload among staff.

On-the-Go Hygiene

Consider using mobile cleaning carts to easily transport cleaning supplies from one area to another, reducing the frequency of staff trips to the supply closet.

Staff Engagement and Involvement

Employees can either be a hurdle or a help during cleaning tasks with their presence. Understanding and seeking their cooperation can revolutionize how cleaning is perceived and executed in a workplace.

Teamwork Makes the Workplace Shine

Encourage staff to maintain their workspaces. Simple tasks like organizing desks and properly disposing of waste can go a long way in keeping the area clean.

Informed Employees = Supportive Employees

Communicate the ‘why’ behind the cleaning procedures. Informing staff about the health benefits and workplace hygiene standards can turn them into allies rather than adversaries.

Feedback Loop

Always be open to receiving feedback from employees about the cleaning process. This two-way communication can uncover issues before they escalate and help tailor cleaning routines to suit specific department needs.

Work During Lulls and Low-Pressure Periods

Timing is everything, and the cleaning schedule should align with the ebb and flow of the workday.

Mornings and Evenings

The time just before or after normal office hours is usually quieter and thus, ideal for cleaning activities that may make more noise or require more space.

Lunch Breaks

Using the time when employees are away from their desks is perfect for tasks like dusting, recycling collection, or quick spot-cleaning common areas.

Flex Scheduling for Flex Spaces

In businesses with flexible work hours and hot desks, janitorial staff should also adjust their schedules to ensure they can clean as spaces become available.

The Psychology of Cleanliness

How you approach the task of cleaning can impact how it’s received and the culture it fosters in your workplace.

Leading by Example

It's a matter of professionalism and leadership. Showcase your commitment to cleanliness by being part of the process, sometimes rolling up your sleeves, to demonstrate its importance.

Positive Reinforcement

Recognize and appreciate the janitorial staff in front of the employees. This not only acknowledges their hard work but also highlights the importance of their role in maintaining a clean and functional workspace.

Celebrate the Spotless

Once specific cleaning tasks or milestone events are achieved, celebrate the effort. This can be as simple as a team-wide email thanking everyone for their cooperation and ensuring that 'Clean Desk' awards are known and appreciated.

Seeking Professional Help

For complex and time-consuming tasks, a professional janitorial service is often the best choice. Companies like S&W Janitorial Service in Commerce, CA, are equipped and experienced in tackling large-scale cleaning tasks in dynamic environments.

The Commerce Connoisseur

Choose service providers who understand the unique challenges of cleaning in a commerce hub, as they’ll be better equipped to tailor their services to your specific needs.

Tailored Training and Techniques

Reputable janitorial services will not only provide the personnel but also train them to be efficient in cleaning with employees around. They should have a deeper understanding of the psychology of the workforce and how to work harmoniously with them.

Alignment with Values

Select service providers whose values and operating procedures align with your own. This ensures they respect your premises, personnel, and vision for a clean work environment.



Effectively cleaning a busy workplace presents its challenges, but with strategic planning, the right resources, and an understanding of the human element, it's absolutely achievable. By approaching cleaning as a continuous, team-based effort, you can ensure your workplace remains a safe, healthy, and productive environment for all employees and visitors.

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