The Top Dirtiest Places in an Office That You Should Look Out For

The Top Dirtiest Places in an Office That You Should Look Out For

The Top Dirtiest Places in an Office That You Should Look Out For


Have you ever gone into your office and seen how much mess and clutter is left on the desks, floors, and even walls? As challenging as it seems, keeping an office clean is crucial for both employees' health and overall productivity. However, some areas get overlooked often, resulting in dirt, bacteria, and other unpleasant elements lurking in unsuspecting places. In this blog post, we'll discuss the top dirtiest places in an office that you should keep an eye out for and make sure you keep clean. 


1. The Keyboard

Keyboards can harbor many germs and bacteria between and beneath the keys, which can pose a significant health hazard to employees. Studies have shown that the average keyboard carries 1.5 times more germs than a toilet seat, and that's not something anyone wants to hear. It's essential to provide your office employees with the necessary cleaning supplies to keep their keyboards clean.

2. The Telephone

Telephones may look innocuous, but they can harbor hundreds of bacteria per square inch, making them an ideal breeding ground for germs. Most employees use the telephone for various functions and come in constant contact with it. Make sure your cleaning company regularly disinfects telephone receivers and buttons to reduce the risk of transmitting germs.

3. Break Room Sink Area

The break room sink area is usually the most neglected in an office, but it's precisely the spot where employees come to wash their hands and cups. The sink, faucet, and counters can harbor germs, soapsuds, and other grime. Make sure you have cleaning supplies, like a disinfectant spray nearby for quick clean up.

4. Desks 

Employees spend most of their workday sitting at their desks, making it one of the primary breeding grounds for germs. Studies have shown that the average desk is home to 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. This is because people eat, sneeze, talk, and even perspire at their desks. Regularly cleaning desks is essential to ensure a healthy working environment for your employees.

5. Restrooms

Restrooms are also one of the dirtiest places in an office. Regular cleaning and disinfecting of restrooms are essential to maintain a clean and healthy environment. Restrooms should be cleaned at least every two hours to prevent the growth and spread of bacteria and germs.



Cleaning is crucial to provide a healthy and productive working environment for your employees. By keeping the top dirtiest places in an office clean, you're reducing the risk of transmission of illness and disease-causing germs. It's best to hire a professional cleaning company such as S&W Janitorial Services to get the job done efficiently and correctly. Contacting S&W Janitorial Services to request an office cleaning in Los Angeles, CA, will ensure that these dirty places are cleaned regularly and efficiently. Investing in professional cleaning services will be worth it in the long run and guarantee a healthy and happy workforce.