Disgusting Places That Never Get Cleaned In The Office

Disgusting Places That Never Get Cleaned In The Office

Disgusting Places That Never Get Cleaned In The Office


We all have been there - the shared office kitchen where people leave their dirty dishes in the sink, the smelly and unkempt restroom, or even the conference room where people excessively sneeze and cough without covering their mouths. These places in the office remain uncleaned and unhygienic, which could lead to health hazards and other issues. In this post, we will identify the top disgusting places in the office that never get cleaned. And if you are looking for help with office cleaning in Commerce, CA, S&W Janitorial Service is here for you.


1. The office kitchen

An unhygienic kitchen in the office can be disgustingly unclean. Garbage and food debris often remain on the counters, attracting pests and other bugs. The sink is another problematic area. Dirty dishes are often left behind, and the sink is never cleaned, which leads to bad odors. Bacteria then grows and can cause diseases to spread.

2. Dust accumulation

Dust accumulation is one of the most visible signs of the absence of proper cleaning in an office. A layer of dust because of unclean floors, carpets, windows, and other surfaces can not only be an eyesore but also pose a health hazard.

3. The restroom

Shared restrooms can often be in terrible condition, with dirty stalls, smelly sinks, and no soap or towels available. Toilets are often left unflushed, and faucets are never cleaned, leading to the transmittal of germs.

4. Shared equipment

Office equipment such as printers, photocopiers, and scanners can accumulate grime, dirt, and dust due to the high traffic they receive. Things such as keyboards and phone receivers can be repositories of bacteria in the workplace. Fingerprints, sweat, and food residues can transfer from our fingers to these devices, and lead to infectious diseases.

5. Conference rooms

These are the spaces where employees come together to share ideas and collaborate. However, if these spaces are not adequately cleaned, they become germy environments and with a poor ambiance. Unkempt conference room tables, chairs, and carpets can be the breeding grounds of bacteria and viruses that can cause diseases.



Dirty and unkempt workspaces can be breeding grounds for bacteria, which can quickly spread and lead to health hazards in the workplace. Employers need to ensure that they engage the services of professional office cleaning firms such as S&W Janitorial Service to keep the environment clean and hygienic, which can lead to better productivity and fewer employee absences. With effective cleaning and maintenance, the office spaces mentioned above can remain healthy and germ-free, and enterprises can enjoy a healthy workforce that is free from diseases. If you need help with office cleaning in Commerce, CA, contact S&W Janitorial Service today to request a quote.