Combatting Workplace Germs: The Common Places They Hide

Combatting Workplace Germs: The Common Places They Hide

Combatting Workplace Germs: The Common Places They Hide


Pandemics and epidemics have affected humans for centuries, with the Spanish Flu, SARS, MERS, and Ebola being just a few of the recent outbreaks. COVID-19, as we all know too well, is currently causing chaos worldwide. This virus has highlighted the importance of cleanliness and hygiene in all aspects of our lives, particularly in workplaces. Germs can thrive in workplaces, where people congregate in large numbers and share facilities, and generally, they are lurking everywhere. In this post, we'll delve into the common places germs hide in your workplace, and what steps you can take to protect your employees effectively.


1. The Break Room

The break room might be the most popular spot for taking a quick coffee break or lunch, but it is also where germs are most likely to spread. This is due to the large number of employees that share microwaves, refrigerators, and utensils. The fridge is commonly the biggest culprit, with moldy or spoiled food and spills providing fertile ground for bacteria growth. Employers should provide cleaners to keep the break-room clean and well-maintained. Employees should be reminded to clean up after themselves, label and date their food, and dispose of anything that's past its expiration date. Regular deep-cleaning and sanitization should be employed to ensure maximum maintenance of this common area.

2. Shared Office Supplies

It is not uncommon to have shared office equipment such as printers, keyboards, pens, staplers, and printer buttons. These shared objects can function as storehouses for bacteria and viruses, particularly when mostly shared between different employees. Each time an item is touched, germs can be transmitted from one person to another. Encourage employees to frequently sanitize their hands, and to disinfect their individual items using sanitary wipes regularly. And, when possible, offer each employee their equipment to avoid germs transmission.

3. Restrooms

Restrooms tend to be the most logical breeding place for germs and bacteria because they are often supplied with moisture and lots of skin cells from the individuals using them. The toilet seat, flushing mechanism, faucets, and door handles are the key culprits in most cases, so having a regular cleaning routine needs to be a top priority. Encourage workers to wash their hands with tap water and soap for about 20 to 30 seconds. Provide antibacterial soap dispenser, and paper towels or an air dryer for them to dry their hands afterward. Equally, put-up signage to remind employees to stick to the rules of using the washroom so as to reduce bacteria spread.

4. Elevators and Stairwells

Employees use stairwells and elevators regularly, but these seldom get the attention they need when it comes to sanitization and disinfection. The walls and floors of elevators can harbor all sorts of bacteria, especially when ill individuals use them. One individual's cough or sneeze can lead to many people being contaminated. It is significant to regularly sanitize the buttons, handrails, and walls. Consider not sharing an elevator with someone who seems to be unwell. Utilize the stairwell when possible.

5. Computer screens

Computer screens offer a hostile environment for germs, with all the fingerprints left on screens providing a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. But apart from looking dirty, the real danger is the subtle way that germs can be transferred from one person to another, particularly when coworkers share cubicles or sit at desks that have been used by their colleagues. Employers should provide their staff with sanitary wipes so that they can sanitize their desks and screens frequently.



No one wants to spread germs at work, and given the current pandemic, it is very significant to eradicate germs wherever possible. Identifying the common places for germs is an essential first step in maintaining your workplace clean. Sanitizing frequently-touched surfaces and objects is a responsibility that should not be ignored. Companies can take the next step and train their employees on precautious measures like frequent hand washing and using hand sanitizers. By partnering with a trustworthy janitorial service provider in Commerce, CA, like S&W Janitorial Services, you can be certain that your employees' wellbeing is taken care of. Choosing an expert janitorial service provider is the key to a safe and sanitised workplace. If you're looking for a janitorial service in Commerce, CA, contact S&W Janitorial Services today to request a quote and help maintain a clean and healthy workplace.