Why Office Cleaning Matters

Why Office Cleaning Matters

Why Office Cleaning Matters

Every company or organization wants its office to look, smell, and feel clean. For some, this correlates to having clean floors, dusted surfaces, and immaculate bathrooms — which are all ideal features for a good-looking office setting. However, high-quality office cleaning expands beyond these kinds of surface-level perceptions. Green cleaning is something that will positively influence not only the impression of your office but your workers and organization in a combination of other ways as well. It can even affect your bottom line.

Green cleaning is a procedure that removes impurities from the indoor environment through environmentally-responsible manners to improve and safeguard the health of your workers. On the other hand, conventional commercial cleaning services use procedures that are harmful to both the environment, the staff that work in your facility, and any visitors.

Office Cleaning in Commerce, CA, Drives for a Healthier Work Environment

As a professional cleaning company, we feel it is crucial to point out the meaningful health benefits that result from office cleaning that utilizes green methods. Cleaning is an essential element in helping to decrease the amount of worker absenteeism and the growing expenses to productivity, revenue, and earnings that result from it. But, what does clean mean? Public health experts split cleanliness into three categories: Sterile, Disinfected, and Sanitary.

Sterile: Sterile environments are 100% free of impurities

Disinfected: An atmosphere that is 95% free of damaging substances and impurities

Sanitary: Some impurities, pollutants, and illness risks still exist; however, employee health overall is typically protected.

Cleaner Offices Add to Lower Employee Medical Expenses

Americans who labor full-time normally spend more than a third of their day, five days per week, at their employment location. As an employer, it is your obligation to provide a safe, hazard-free workplace for your workers, part of which incorporates office cleaning services. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a healthy workforce can mean decreased direct costs, like insurance premiums and workers' compensation suits. It can also translate to reduced indirect costs if employees miss less work because of sickness.

However, as many companies try to find ways to trim costs to reduce the budget, some may attempt to cut back on functions that they may think are unnecessary or that are lesser priorities. However, cleaning should not be one of the jobs that get reduced. A dirty, unclean environment means your employees are breathing in bacteria, germs, particulates, and other airborne pollutants that can result in asthma, respiratory conditions, and other ailments.

Office Cleaning Permits Greater Employee Productivity

When workers labor in dirty and unhealthy conditions, it not only raises absenteeism, but also can greatly decrease their productivity. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that productivity losses from skipped work cost employers around 225 billion dollars, or $1,685 per employee annually. Illness-related absenteeism resulting from not partnering with a quality office cleaning in Commerce, CA, can influence the quality of the services or products you deliver and your company's profitability.

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