The Value of Hand Washing on the Job

The Value of Hand Washing on the Job

The Value of Hand Washing on the Job

A hygienic and healthy office goes further than regular office cleaning in Los Angeles, CA. Washing your hands is a critical activity to integrate into your office routine. Regular hand washing benefits you and removes potentially dangerous filth and bacteria from your hands. It also benefits everyone who spends time with you since it prevents the spread of germs, especially if you spend a lot of time around a bunch of people in a location like your office. If you want to understand why you should concentrate on washing your hands at work and why everybody at your organization should concentrate on a regular handwashing routine, here are some of the most significant ways it can benefit people.

Stop The Spread Of Disease

Getting sick is a normal part of life. For example, if you work with a multitude of people, there's a good possibility that somebody will get sick from time to time. To prevent people who are ill at work from circulating their germs to others or to clean off germs from somebody sick that may have accidentally been given to you, promote handwashing. Studies by the CDC show that handwashing helps prevent the spread of germs and can reduce the risk of respiratory infections by 16%.

Increase Attendance, Productivity, And Success

It can hurt a business when employees are out sick or at work but don't feel well enough to accomplish their best. However, by promoting regular handwashing at work, businesses can lower absenteeism and confirm that no work time is squandered. Even using alcohol-based hand sanitizer to wash hands can help keep people well and coming to work. In fact, according to the CDC, in a school setting, using hand sanitizer to keep hands clean reduced absences due to illness by almost 20%.

How To Promote Handwashing At Work

Washing hands in the workplace is an essential step for health and hygiene. But how do you ensure everyone at work is cleaning their hands, too? Here are some ways to encourage a handwashing culture at the office.

  • Be Prepared: Always keep soap dispensers filled and paper towels stocked. By confirming sinks are adequately equipped for hand washing, you'll motivate people to do it. If you don't have a maintenance crew, create a rotating plan so that each employee checks soap dispensers twice daily for a week.
  • Stock Hand Sanitizer: Place hand sanitizer dispensers around your office to facilitate regular cleaning of hands. While washing hands with soap and water can remove germs from hands, hand sanitizer helps kill harmful bacteria and prevent the spread of disease.
  • Use Signage: Post signs around the bathrooms and kitchens, reminding individuals to wash their hands. Often a little reminder is all it takes to get somebody to stop and wash their hands.

The workplace is a location where individuals spend a lot of time close to one another. Because individuals are so close so often, it increases the likelihood that they can circulate germs to one another. The spread of germs is also standard because individuals touch and use the same facilities and objects. By promoting regular handwashing at work, you can decrease the spread of germs, improve regular attendance, and confirm that more people remain healthy and happy in the office year-round.

We hope this helps you understand the value of washing your hands at work. Contact us today for more information on office cleaning in Los Angeles. We are here to make your office cleaner!