Office Cleaning Best Practices Every Business Should Adopt

Office Cleaning Best Practices Every Business Should Adopt

Office Cleaning Best Practices Every Business Should Adopt

Just because an office appears clean doesn't mean it is. When it comes to practical and efficient office cleaning in Los Angeles, there are a few industry best practices that you should follow daily to ensure that cleaning is executed to the highest industry and regulatory norms.

Public health professionals define cleaning in three levels:

Sterile: This indicates that the environment is 100% free of contamination. This level is extremely challenging to accomplish and requires highly-controlled actions that are not facilitative or applicable to an office setting.

Disinfected: This suggests that the pathogens that are most menacing to humans are terminated. A disinfected environment signifies about 95% of the harmful substances have been cleared.

Sanitary: This signifies that some contamination and threat of disease still exists. However, general employee health is safeguarded.

  • Utilize environmentally-friendly or green cleaning and finishing solutions as much as possible. This not only relieves the environmental impact of the cleaning services, it also contributes to a more beneficial work environment for employees in the building being cleaned by decreasing toxic emissions from chemicals.
  • Employ pre-measured products, such as packets, to control overuse of products. A bonus is that by restricting overuse, you'll be able to assist in keeping product costs down.
  • Block off areas where spills have happened as soon as possible. This will discourage anyone from walking through it, which lowers the risk of someone slipping and falling or tracking the spilled chemicals to other sites via shoes.
  • Cross-train your cleaning team to perform different functions effectively. Every individual on the cleaning team should be able to achieve several different positions. That way, there's less likelihood of a task going undone because someone is out sick or on leave.
  • Don't reuse cloths to clean numerous areas. While using one cloth may preserve cleaning staff time, it also raises the spread of germs and other health threats that can increase worker absenteeism in the office due to sickness.
  • Go beyond the basics. Don't just quit after cleaning floors and other standard things. A quality full-service cleaning business will also steam clean cloth sofas, chairs, and partitions. This will keep your office looking nice longer and significantly decrease airborne allergens and contaminants.
  • Deliver consistent, reliable cleaning services. When companies are unresponsive or aren't delivering the highest quality service, it indicates that you're not getting the service that you're probably paying a lot of funds for. To combat these problems, top-tier cleaning companies will be transparent about the fees and services that are incorporated and use regular reviews and communication to guarantee that their high levels of service are upheld.
  • Never use a mop: Use a apparatus and germicide to scrub and refinish floors. This is the only method to truly ensure that floors, like tile, are hygienic.
  • Employ a backpackvacuum. By keeping a vacuum off the floor, cleaning staff can improve productivity while also decreasing the spread of impurities, dust, and filth on the floor. These devices use a four-filter technique that captures and contains up to 99% of all dust, filth, and bacteria.
  • Secure employee safety and awareness. Highly-trained and professional cleaning staff will use proper tools, gear, and procedures to provide safety and reduce the spread of germs, dust, earth, and other pollutants.

These are some of the best practices every company should adopt. Contact us today for office cleaning in Los Angeles. We are here to help!