Most Neglected Areas in An Office to Clean

Most Neglected Areas in An Office to Clean

Most Neglected Areas in An Office to Clean

Offices are full of germs as many people use the area to work, eat, and accomplish their daily tasks. It is confirmed that there are more germs on your desk surface than on a toilet seat. Keeping this in mind, consider all the people touching that desk or something that was placed on it. Desks are often covered with papers and articles that prevent a satisfactory wipe down. Experts from our janitorial service in Los Angeles offer a few more instances of other overlooked areas:


The entire office often utilizes a printer. That means everybody is touching the printer handles and buttons throughout the day and numerous times a day. Dust often collects around electronics, and printers are no exception. It's hard to clean behind and about this area, and it's often easily overlooked.

Doors and light switches

The entire office handles light switches and doors numerous times a day. Disinfecting each one takes more time than most cleaning companies are willing to devote. As a commercial cleaning service, we are cautious about scrubbing all surfaces to kill the most germs and bacteria feasible.

The Breakroom

People eat, occasionally sleep, use the bathroom, and do other actions on lunch breaks and periodic breaks. This loans itself to lots of bacteria from expired food and developing bacteria. In addition, surfaces such as microwaves, sinks, and doors all carry more than the average amount of bacteria. Our janitorial service in Los Angeles, CA, takes the time to clean this location, which is essential to maintaining a healthy office.

Blinds and windows

Although they don't harbor bacteria, blinds do harbor enormous amounts of dust, make the office feel dingy, and also cause harmful dust particles and even mites that impair the air quality in the office. The best janitorial services ensure that even the most overlooked spaces in the office get cleaned.


Air vents and other venting sites are full of dust, allergens, and other chemicals pulled from throughout the facility. Paying special attention to clearing this area will help the office smell better and allow employees to breathe cleaner air.

Plants and fake greenery

Whether the greenery is fake or authentic, it gathers dust and mold spores from being watered. If you don't have a service looking after the plants, it can cause a rotting odor and other problems that harm the air quality in the office.

Trash cans

Trash cans are usually full of all things germs. People often miss the trash and get food and other things spilled around the sides. This causes the odor and bacteria to develop over time. If you have to handle the trash can, everyone in the office uses it, touches the bacteria, and spreads it around the office. Taking care to clean this area is something that we are happy to do for you.

These are just some of the most neglected areas in the office to clean. Our professional cleaning staff works hard to eliminate bacteria and germs to keep you and your staff healthy and happy. Contact us today for more details on the services we provide.