How to Maintain a Healthy Office Environment

How to Maintain a Healthy Office Environment

How to Maintain a Healthy Office Environment

Whether you manage a small office or a big office or run a facility that rents space to dozens of businesses, it's vital to ensure that the individuals working within your area are doing so in a healthy office setting. When employees work in an unhealthy atmosphere, some will use sick time and remain home, but others show up to work and are ineffective due to their condition, which they can distribute to others. Either way, employee absenteeism and coming to work ill can adversely impact your bottom line. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirms that productivity losses related to absenteeism cost employers nearly 230 billion dollars per year.

What is Green Cleaning?

Green cleaning is a method that aims to enhance and protect health while physically extracting pollutants from the indoor office setting. It does this through a combination of industry-approved and environmentally-responsible operations. Conventional office cleaning in Commerce, CA, uses chemicals and strategies that are detrimental to the employees who labor in your facility and the environment.

Support a Healthy Office Environment through Going Green

When a commercial cleaning service utilizes green cleaning methods, it goes beyond the solutions used. It's also about the procedures and the targeted training that every employee gets and the licenses they earn.

Cleaning for Health and Not Appearances

What does it mean when we say "clean for health?" It means that your focus is to, at a minimum, sanitize the office environment ,and, by sanitize we mean removing 95% of harmful substances and germs from the office atmosphere.

Use Green Cleaning Solutions Instead of Traditional Chemicals

Conventional cleaning solutions are not only harmful to the environment, but they're even bad for the health of your staff. These harsh chemicals introduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can adversely impact indoor air quality (IAQ) and lead to a variety of health-related issues such as eye and skin irritation, asthma, and other respiratory conditions.

Hire a Professional Service to Clean the Office Environment Routinely

Another essential factor of a healthy office environment is that professional cleaners manage it on a regular basis. Certain spaces should be cleaned either daily or several times a day, like the restrooms, kitchen, and dining spaces. However, how often other parts of the office environment need to be cleaned depends on several factors, like:

  • The size of your company;
  • The kind of business you operate;
  • The age and state of the facility;
  • Whether it's a high-traffic or low-traffic establishment; and
  • Whether there are any persistant health problems among employees or renters.

While it's true that cleaning for appearances is vital, it's more important that you clean with employee health first in mind. By maintaining healthy work environment standards and ensuring a healthy office with green cleaning, you can lower employee absenteeism and boost productivity, all to the benefit of your company's bottom line.

These are some of the ways to maintain a healthy office. Contact us now if you need office cleaning in Commerce, CA. We want to keep your facility clean.