How Office Cleanliness Boosts Staff Productivity

How Office Cleanliness Boosts Staff Productivity

How Office Cleanliness Boosts Staff Productivity

As an employer, you must provide your staff with a workplace that positively impacts their health, safety, productivity, and general satisfaction. One way to do so is to consistently keep your office clean and hygienic with the help of janitorial service in Los Angeles, CA.

It may appear as an added cost, but this business expenditure will help you to secure your company's profitability.

Studies show that the average worker loses up to five working days yearly due to illness. This illness can be driven by a lack of hygiene in the workplace. In addition, excessive absenteeism reduces the productivity of your business, which can negatively impact company finances and morale.

Absenteeism rates rise during cold and flu season. Some may get the flu by touching objects or surfaces that have the flu virus on them and touching their mouth, nose, or eyes afterward. Flu viruses can survive on dirty surfaces, like work desks or equipment, for up to 24 hours. Minimizing vulnerability to sickness-causing bacteria can allow employees to remain healthy. In addition, a clean office contributes to boosting productivity in various ways, including:

  • Increased focus – a clean work atmosphere has less clutter, dirt, and dust that could potentially preoccupy employees. They can focus more on their work in a tidy workplace.
  • Less time wasted – an organized, clean office permits people to find specific documents easily, decreasing the time they spend searching through a pile of various office items.
  • Improved morale – working in a clean, healthy office can make workers happier. Being happy with their job encourages them to do more and have a cheerful attitude.

The Office Areas that Host Germs

Germs can be anywhere, but specific areas carry more of them than others. So focus on cleaning the sites that host more infectious germs, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and others. The locations that carry the most germs are those with high traffic. These are the sites where many different people handle the same surfaces and objects. The standard hot spots for germs in an office include:

  • Elevator buttons- Before entering your office, you could be exposed to dangerous germs. Elevator buttons carry organisms at increased rates. Data indicates that over 60 percent of elevator buttons are tainted with bacteria. Exposure to high-touch locations may make people ill due to contact with viruses from other individuals.
  • Office doors- You're not the only worker who touches the door handles in your office. That's the reason door handles are a familiar source of indirect contamination. Germs can circulate throughout your office building within a few hours. It would help if you inspired more people to wash their hands regularly and thoroughly sanitize handles. Depending on the material used, the amount of bacteria on a door handle varies. For example, bare metal door handles may inhibit microbes, especially if uncoated and unpainted.
  • Work desks- An average office desk holds 400 times more germs than a toilet seat. This suggests that employees are likely to be at risk of illness caused by messy desks. Inspire your employees to regularly wipe down their desks with disinfectant wipes – particularly during cold and flu season.

These are some of the ways that a clean office boosts productivity. Contact us today if you need janitorial service in Los Angeles, CA. We want to make your life cleaner.