Five of the Dirtiest Places in Your Office Building

Five of the Dirtiest Places in Your Office Building

Five of the Dirtiest Places in Your Office Building

Working in an office space puts you within close proximity of many other employees and customers. You likely share your office building with many other people, which can bring more germs and bacteria into the workplace. As professionals that perform office cleaning in Commerce, CA, we understand the proper ways to keep many businesses safe and clean. Although individual employees still perform cleaning jobs on a daily basis, it is extremely helpful to hire professionals to tackle some of the community spaces and frequently used office features. These are some of the dirtiest places in your office building.


Although many people use their cell phones in the office, there are still community phones or desk phones that collect germs. Each time someone uses the phone, they transfer their germs to the phone, and when this is shared by many, it can build up quickly. Handsets are also constantly in touch with your mouth, which is just another piece to become riddled with germs. These should be sanitized multiple times per day so that you avoid spreading any illnesses.

Coffee Pots

Shared coffee pots are also a breeding ground for bacteria and germs to build up. This is because of the water reservoir and moist coffee grounds that sit there during the day or even overnight. These areas are prone to germs or even mold spores that can grow when they are not properly sanitized. The coffee pot should be thoroughly rinsed and cleaned after each use.

Doorknobs and Handles

Everyone in the office touches doorknobs and handles, especially to common rooms like restrooms or conference rooms. For this reason, these should be routinely sanitized to clear the germs throughout the day and prevent the spread of illnesses or infections. Keep moist toilettes and hand sanitizer near entrances and exits to promote cleanliness and prevent the spread of germs on knobs and handles.


Keyboards are also prone to the spread of many germs, as this technology is used on a daily basis. When keyboards are shared by multiple people, such as at sign-in desks or shared desk spaces, they should be sanitized even more frequently throughout the day. Keyboards can be difficult to keep clean, as they have many nooks and crannies that require attention to detail during the cleaning process.

Bathroom Areas

Bathrooms are often the most germy places in the office. Everyone uses the facilities, and this increases the traffic to these particular areas. Not only are the toilets and sinks susceptible to the buildup of germs and bacteria, but so are the mirrors and doorknobs. When you use the restroom, be sure to clean up after yourself and properly wash hands to prevent the spread of illness. Also, these areas should be cleaned multiple times throughout the day, depending on the level of traffic your office sees.


These are a few of the dirtiest places you can find in an office building. When you work in an office, you want to be aware of these high-traffic areas that can spread germs quickly or just require more attention during cleaning practices. If you are looking for quality office cleaning in Commerce, CA, trust S & W Janitorial Services Inc. with your cleaning needs. Contact us to get on our schedule today!