8 Expert Janitorial Tips

8 Expert Janitorial Tips

8 Expert Janitorial Tips

Most people take for granted how shiny and clean their office is after janitorial service in Los Angeles. So, here are some janitorial tips directly from industry experts:

Manage your energy use

It is easy to forget that everyone is responsible for sustainability in a busy office setting. Try using colored dots on your office equipment to let your janitorial service know which machines can be shut off after hours and which ones need to remain on at all times. Since your cleaning crew members are likely to be the last people leaving your facility, they are the final line of defense for unnecessarily wasted energy in your office.

Make sanitizers available throughout the office

Preventing the spread of germs and viruses, like the flu or COVID-19, is essential in a busy office. This makes sanitizing workspaces and keeping hand sanitizer accessible vital. In addition, cleaning supplies should be well-stocked during times when cold and flu season is at its peak. Finally, sanitizing solutions and hand sanitizer should be easily accessible for all employees and visitors.

Use care when cleaning floors

Patience is a virtue, especially when cleaning floors. If you rush through a floor cleaning project, your mistakes will be visibly apparent. The most valuable tool in your arsenal for floor cleaning practices is patience. In addition, floor care requires proper cleaning solutions. Experts recommend using gentle, neutral cleaners approved for various types of flooring for optimal results.

Don’t overlook the basics

Keeping your office clean and tidy requires attention to detail. Don’t forget to tidy up waiting room reading materials, dust window blinds, and clean up scuff marks on the floor. If you have plants in the office, dust them regularly to keep them healthy and promote good air quality.

Sanitize and clean electronics

Do not forget to clean and sanitize office electronics. Keyboards, mouses, and phone handsets are magnets for germs and bacteria, so clean them often and well. Only use approved cleaning methods for televisions and computer screens, so you do not cause unnecessary damage to them.

Avoid chemicals when cleaning the refrigerator

For environmentally-conscious offices or employees with chemical sensitivities, use distilled white vinegar to clean mildew and mold inside the refrigerator instead of bleach. It will still provide the same level of cleanliness without the harsh chemicals.

Don’t forget to clean the walls

Walls are easy to overlook, but they can be breeding grounds for germs and bacteria to thrive. In addition, visible dirt can build up over time, especially on white and lighter-colored walls. Adding walls to your cleaning schedule will keep the office appealing and extend the life of paint and wallpaper.

Don’t forget to deodorize

It is essential to leave the office smelling fresh and clean. There are plenty of traditional chemical deodorizers and natural or green deodorizers on the market to leave the office with a pleasant scent.

Use these expert janitorial tips when cleaning the office. And contact us if you need janitorial service in Los Angeles. We want to keep your office clean!