Six Surfaces that You Need to Disinfect in Your Office

Six Surfaces that You Need to Disinfect in Your Office

Six Surfaces that You Need to Disinfect in Your Office

Are you operating a business that has many employees working in a communal workspace?  Do you rent a department in a larger shared office space that sees many visitors and welcomes many people throughout the day?  When you are working in a large building with many other companies, you need to stay on top of the cleaning responsibilities in order to prevent outbreak of disease and to promote overall employee morale.  As a janitorial service in Los Angeles, we help with everything from sanitizing to deep cleaning to adherence to health regulations.  When you are cleaning your office space, there are a few surfaces that you will not want to ignore.


Doorknobs are some of the most frequently touched surfaces in an office setting, as they are constantly being handled to get in and out of conference rooms, stairwells, and larger offices.  Because the frequency that they are touched, you need to sanitize these areas frequently to prevent the spread of illness in your office.  

Elevator Buttons

Elevator buttons are often overlooked surfaces that can be easily neglected when you are cleaning.  However, they are also touched by many different people that are all coming from many different places.  Because of this, these buttons may carry more germs than many other surfaces in the office.

Keyboards, Mice, and Other Devices

Technology, like keyboards and computer mice, should also be frequently sanitized.  Even if you are the only employee using that keyboard or computer, you should still sanitize and disinfect these materials often.  You are transferring many germs to these surfaces each time you visit the restroom, go to the kitchen, go out for lunch, or shake another hand.

Copy and Fax Machines

These shared machines can also carry many germs and bacteria that will only build up over time without the proper cleaning practices.  Each day, you need to wipe down these machines with disinfectants that will remove any germs or viruses.  By doing this before you even touch the machine, you prevent picking up anything when using shared equipment in the office.


Like copy machines, you will also want to disinfect phones on your desk or in conference rooms.  Even if you are the only individual using the phone, you will still want to remove dust and allergens from the area to prevent you from picking up something that could be detrimental to your health.

Kitchen Appliances

Shared kitchen appliances, like coffee machines and microwaves, also should not be overlooked when it comes time to clean the office.  In fact, these appliances can carry more than just germs.  Food particles that are neglected can become large issues, and this can lead to unhealthy work conditions over time.

These are a few of the many surfaces that are shared throughout the day at the office, and they require extra cleaning and disinfection in order to prevent the spread of illness.  When you work in a shared office setting, you need to pay extra attention to the cleaning involved.  Hiring a janitorial service in Los Angeles ensures that you keep on top your daily responsibilities.  Contact us to hear more about our services and availability today.