Considerations for Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

Considerations for Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

Considerations for Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

As a facility manager or business owner, you are aware of what is at stake today when creating a healthy and safe environment for your customers and employees. It could be disastrous if anything goes wrong and a customer or employee becomes infected with covid-19. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that you are doing everything in your power to prevent the spread of covid-19. Above all else, you do not want your employees or customers to get sick with a potentially life-threatening illness.

Preparation is vital, so you must understand the market for janitorial companies that offer Covid-19 disinfection services. You must also determine who provides the best practices and products available. Commercial cleaning services are not licensed by the Environmental Protection Agency, meaning that you must research the company you choose to hire to disinfect your commercial spaces. To do your due diligence, you must understand the difference between disinfecting and sanitizing, things to consider when researching disinfection service companies, questions to ask before you hire a cleaning service, and essential things that you should avoid.


Here are four essential facts you should know about sanitizing in Los Angeles. First, sanitizers are defined by the EPA as chemical products that can kill at least 99.9% of germs and bacteria on hard surfaces. Second, sanitizers kill or remove germs on surfaces and objects to a safe level. Sanitizers are not qualified for use to disinfect against covid-19. Third, there aren't any sanitizer-only products that have approved virus claims.


Here are some essential facts about disinfection. The EPA defines disinfectants as chemical products that can kill up to 99.999% of germs and bacteria on hard surfaces. The EPA rigorously tests surface disinfectant products. Disinfectants can kill germs on objects or surfaces and kill most bacteria and viruses. Action will be taken against companies that make false claims about their disinfectants eliminating covid-19.

Essential tips for hiring disinfection services

It is vital to understand the facts and inquire with the company you're considering about specific questions before you commit to hiring them.

Essential questions to ask:

  • Does your company use disinfectants, sanitizers, or both?
  • Do your employees follow strict directions for virus-killing disinfection?
  • Do your employees leave surfaces wet for several minutes?
  • Does your company use EPA-approved products for disinfection?
  • Does your company perform ATP testing to ensure that surfaces are free of covid-19?
  • Does your company provide covid-19 testing for employees?

Cleaning company red flags

  • It is critical to avoid companies that bypass advanced cleaning methods like electrostatic sprayers and foggers.
  • Avoid confirming that they will disinfect both porous and hard surfaces.
  • Avoid the use of UV disinfection practices.
  • Avoid offering testing procedures for covid-19 or ATP.
  • Avoid providing documentation of their experience dealing with toxic substances.
  • Toxic and hazardous substances.
  • Lack Certified Industrial Hygienist Certification that proves their facility is nearly 100% safe from virus protection.
  • Avoid transparent pricing.

Make sure you choose a cleaning company you can trust and believe in. Contact us today for more information on sanitizing in Los Angeles.