An Overview of Office Deep Cleaning

An Overview of Office Deep Cleaning

An Overview of Office Deep Cleaning

An office does not usually appear to be as dirty as it is, but an average office desk has more than 400 times the germs found on a toilet seat. Therefore, it is essential to do regular office cleaning and office deep cleans to manage the spread of germs. In most cases, deep cleaning an office isn't required weekly, but it needs to be done regularly to keep your office safe and presentable.

Regular office cleaning helps the office be presentable for anyone who walks through the doors, while deep office cleaning helps get into hard-to-reach spaces where germs can hide and serve as a risk to the public.

What is involved with office deep cleaning?

Office deep cleaning involves more than just a quick clean of the floors and bathrooms. S & W Janitorial, Services Inc. suggests these steps for deep cleaning in Commerce, CA:

High germ areas

When deep cleaning an office, it is essential to focus on areas likely to accumulate the most germs. These areas include door handles, light switches, computer boards, ceilings, and baseboards. People make contact with these surfaces every day, but they are cleaned much more rarely. As a result, these surfaces are covered in nasty bacteria and need disinfecting during an office deep clean.

Vents and walls

The cleaner should inspect the walls during a deep clean and remove any dust, dirt, grime, dampness, or mold. Disassembling vents will allow access to the dust traps inside, and emptying them during deep cleaning services is vital.

Kitchens and bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms require regular cleaning, but cleaners should do much more intense cleaning in these areas during office deep cleaning services. This intense cleaning includes scrubbing the entire toilet, disinfecting sinks and all bathroom dispensers, and unblocking clogged pipes. Pipe fittings also need to be disinfected. In the kitchen, surfaces that come into contact with food need to be thoroughly disinfected and cleaned.


It can be challenging to properly clean office furniture regularly because of heavy use. However, cleaning under furniture, lifting any cushions, and cleaning beneath them are essential steps to add to regular furniture surface cleaning habits.


During a deep cleaning, it is essential to move all furniture out of the way so that you can find all the dirt on the floors. In addition, steam cleaning the floors during the deep can cleaning process can help keep things sanitized and healthy.

How often should an office be deep cleaned?

Office deep cleaning should be done at least once a year but should be done more often for offices with high access to public traffic like doctor’s offices, hospitals, and dentist’s offices. Deep cleaning can help keep your office healthy and presentable when done every quarter, especially when combined with a weekly maintenance cleaning.

The last thing you want visitors to see when they come to your office is dirt and dust. A clean office can boost worker productivity and reduce the number of sick days those employees have to take. Closing down the office for employees to deep clean can become a hassle. It is often more productive and efficient to leave deep cleaning services to an experienced cleaning company to ensure that the office is clean and germ-free.

S&W Janitorial Services Inc. is here to fulfill all your office cleaning needs with professional expertise to handle even the messiest details. Contact us today for more information on office deep cleaning in Commerce, CA.