How to Properly Clean Your School's Classrooms

How to Properly Clean Your School's Classrooms

How to Properly Clean Your School's Classrooms

Are you looking for ways to keep bacteria and germs out of your school?  Are you increasing your efforts to keep your students and faculty safer by keeping schools cleaner?  There are many ways to encourage hygiene among your school population, but you also want to increase your cleaning efforts to sanitize and disinfect your entire facility.  This will help students stay healthier and prevent the spread of germs within the school, which can often cause rampant spread of contagious germs and diseases.  Our janitorial service in Commerce, CA properly cleans many facilities, including fitness centers, gyms, and office buildings.  There are a few tips on how to properly clean your school's classrooms on a regular basis.

Clean High-Touch Surfaces

You should frequently clean any high-touch surfaces with cleaners that contain disinfectant.  This will clear the surface of any bacteria and germs, which will prevent the spread of illnesses.  High-touch classroom surfaces include desks, chalkboard ledges, bookshelves, door handles, and any restroom facilities that may be attached the classroom.  By routinely disinfecting these surfaces, you will keep them clean as best as possible.

Wipe Down Electronics

Many classrooms use computers, iPads, or other electronics that are shared among the students in the room.  You will want to properly wipe these down on a regular basis.  Because they are shared supplies, they can transmit germs and bacteria from one student to another.  Electronics must be properly disinfected on a routine basis to keep them clean and keep your students safe.

Promote Hand Sanitizer Use

Although hand washing is always the first recommendation, this isn't always possible in a classroom setting.  Keep hand sanitizer in many of the popular spots of the classroom to encourage student use.  Keep hand sanitizer near the trash can, tissue center, and on your desk.  You may also want to keep one near the door and encourage student use before and after entering your room.  This will help to prevent germs from exchanging between different areas in the school.

Properly Dispose of Trash

When students use tissues or paper towels, encourage them to immediately throw away their paper waste.  Keep trash to a minimal, and remove the trash from your classroom each and every day.  This will keep bacteria and germs from piling up and exchanging between waste and other surfaces.  

These are just a few tips to properly clean your school's classroom on a routine basis to prevent the spread of diseases.  As a school representative, it is your priority to educate your children.  In order to properly educate your students, you need to keep your students and staff healthy and safe.  Keeping your school clean by hiring our janitorial service in Commerce, CA is one of the best ways to protect your school.  Contact us today to get on a cleaning schedule with our company.