How to Properly Clean Shared Restrooms

How to Properly Clean Shared Restrooms

How to Properly Clean Shared Restrooms

Are you concerned with the cleanliness of the shared restrooms in your business or facility?  Gyms, schools, malls, retail centers, office buildings, and other places where many people congregate often draw large crowds, which mean that there are more germs spreading.  This year, the threat of disease and contracting COVID-19 is much higher than any other time in our country's modern history.  For this reason, many companies and building managers have enhanced their sanitizing in Commerce, CA to keep their employees and patrons safe.  This especially includes deep cleaning restroom facilities.  There are a few steps that it takes to properly clean shared restroom facilities.

Sanitize and Disinfect Surfaces

One of the most important cleaning tasks you need to do throughout the day is to sanitize and disinfect high-touch surfaces.  By doing this multiple times throughout the day, you ensure that your shared restroom space is truly clear of bacteria and germs, which will protect those who need to use the restroom.

Wipe Down Doorknobs

Doorknobs are some of the most highly-touched surfaces in a shared space.  Take the time to thoroughly disinfect and wipe down all the doorknobs in the restroom area.  This includes the knobs to each stall, the sink handles, and the doorknob to exit the restroom.  This should actually be done on a routine basis to prevent the spread of germs.

Deep Clean Toilets and Sinks

Take the time to disinfect and deep clean all of the toilets and sinks.  When you do this, be sure that you avoid cross contamination and truly remove all of the stains, dirt, bacteria, and other contaminants that can riddle these supplies.  When your employees and patrons walk into a stall, you won't want to have them covering their mouth and running the other direction because of disgusting toilets.

Clean Mirrors

Be sure to take the time to wipe down the mirrors.  Even though mirrors are not frequently touched, they will suffer from water splashing and other blemishes that can make the entire bathroom appear to be dirty.  When you use glass cleaner to wipe down the surface of the mirror, you will leave a streak-free, sparkling mirror to give off a clean appearance.

Mop Floors

After you have wiped down surfaces, you will want to mop the floors with proper soaps.  This will remove any spills, water stains, dirt, allergens, and other contaminants from the area.  After you mop the floor, you will notice a clean and fresh smell, which will please your employees and your patrons.

Dispose of Trash

The last step to cleaning your shared bathroom is to collect all the trash from the stalls, sink garbage cans, and surrounding area and dispose of it properly.  By doing this on a routine basis, you stop trash from piling up and spilling over.

By taking these steps, you can work to keep your shared restroom facility clean on a daily basis.  Although this takes a lot of time and work, you will want to upgrade your cleaning practices to keep everyone safe and healthy.  With the professionals in sanitizing in Commerce, CA, you can ensure that your cleaning duties will be taken care of properly and thoroughly.  Contact us to hear about our cleaning services today.