Four Steps to Prevent the Spread of Germs in Your Office

Four Steps to Prevent the Spread of Germs in Your Office

Four Steps to Prevent the Spread of Germs in Your Office

How do you keep your employees safe and healthy from germs that can easily spread through the workplace?  What steps can you take to clean your office properly?  When you work with our office cleaning in Commerce, CA, we can help you keep you and your staff healthy at work.  Our cleaning expertise makes us the top choice for your office cleaning service this year.  There are a few steps you can take to prevent germs from spreading in your office environment.

Disinfect High-Touch Surfaces

By deep cleaning any high-touch surfaces using disinfectant cleaning solutions, you can remove many of the germs and bacteria that exist on the surfaces.  Because many people touch these areas daily, it is critical to frequently disinfect these areas.  Doorknobs, writing utensils, conference tables, elevator buttons, and desks are just a few of the surfaces that see heavy traffic each day.

Clean Restrooms and Public Areas

You will want to hire office cleaning in Commerce, CA to frequently tend to the deep cleaning of restrooms and other public areas.  Services like day porters and janitors are great at keeping these areas sanitized, disinfected, and clear of trash throughout the entire work day.  Restrooms, lobbies, conference rooms, and elevators will need to be thoroughly disinfected multiple times a day to keep everyone safe from the germs that can easily accumulate.

Wash Your Hands

One of the best lines of defense against germs and bacteria is to consistently wash your hands.  Encourage your employees, clients, and visitors to practice proper hand hygiene.  When they wash their hands upon entering the office, they remove any bacteria they may have carried in from outside.  You should hang signs in areas that require additional hand washing, such as restrooms or busy hallways.  When people are sick, you should also avoid handshaking and other forms of touching.

Stay Home When You're Sick

Even though many employees may be reluctant to stay home when they are sick, you should encourage your employees to do so.  Whenever someone is sick, they have a higher chance at spreading their germs around the office.  Working in close quarters with other people will expose anyone nearby to their germs when they sneeze, cough, touch surfaces, and throw away trash.   This can lead to the spread of contagious diseases throughout your entire office.

By taking these steps and following these recommendations, you can prevent the spread of germs and bacteria throughout your work environment.  Whenever someone coughs or sneezes next to another employee, you want to use the best practices to keep them safe from the germs.  Our office cleaning in Commerce, CA offers a range of sanitizing, disinfecting, and cleaning procedures to help keep you safe and healthy.  Contact us today to hear about how we can help your office.