Five Parts of Your Office that Your Professional Cleaners Won't Miss

Five Parts of Your Office that Your Professional Cleaners Won't Miss

Five Parts of Your Office that Your Professional Cleaners Won't Miss

Did you know that there are many aspects of your office building that are left dirty and neglected?  These are the places where most germs can sit and be easily spread from employee to employee.  When you trust a professional cleaning company with your office cleaning needs, you will ensure that these difficult, hard-to-reach, or easily forgotten spots are cleaned on a routine basis.  As professionals in office cleaning in Commerce, CA, we understand the importance of a clean office for the health and safety of your clients and employees.  There are many parts of your office space that our professional cleaning team won't miss when we do our job.

Coffee Pots and Microwaves

Items in the cafeteria or common office spaces are often neglected when you clean your office, as you typically target the work spaces first.  Items like coffee pots and microwaves may carry many germs, because they are frequently touched by many people on a daily basis.  As a professional cleaning company, we ensure that all of your community supplies are cleaned thoroughly on a routine basis.  


Many people assume that each employee will keep their own desk space clean, but this is often not the case.  Our cleaning company will ensure that all of your desks are thoroughly sanitized so that you can prevent the spread of illnesses from desk to desk.  This also counts desks and conference tables in common areas as well.


Keyboards help your employees with their productivity, but they also harbor many germs when they aren't thoroughly cleaned.  Taking the time to disinfect and sanitize this equipment is critical in combatting the spread of germs, especially when you have shared supplies in your office space.

Door Handles

When you clean your own office, it can be easy to vacuum and wipe down surfaces, then assume that all the cleaning is taken care of.  However, these neglected surfaces can carry germs, dirt, allergens, and bacteria.  Door handles are especially important to clean, as they are touched by many people, thereby increasing the risk of exposure and spreading germs.


If your office space has carpets and rugs, you will want to be sure to do more than just vacuum them to keep them clean.  These surfaces should be deep cleaned on a regular basis to remove dander, allergens, dust, and other bacteria that can be easily trapped within the carpet material.  Our cleaning company offers carpet cleaning services that use state-of-the-art equipment to fully clean these areas.

These are some of the parts of the office space that are often neglected when you clean your office yourself.  To avoid these hot spots for germs and bacteria, you should hire a professional cleaning company for your office cleaning in Commerce, CA.  We will take care of your cleaning needs to keep everyone safe from accidents and healthy from easily spread illnesses.  Contact us to get on our cleaning schedule today.