Dangers of a Poorly Cleaned Day Care Facility

Dangers of a Poorly Cleaned Day Care Facility

Dangers of a Poorly Cleaned Day Care Facility

Choosing the right day care for your child can be challenging feat for any parent.  This requires attention to detail, extensive research, multiple tours, and sometimes a leap of faith.  You want to be sure that you are choosing the right caretakers for your child but also making sure that the day care facilities is safe and clean.  Clean day care centers are essential for keeping your child away from illnesses and infections that can spread easily through centers that aren't well maintained.  Our premiere janitorial service in Commerce, CA offers many local day care facilities green cleaning methods that are both safe and effective for keeping children healthy.  There are many dangers of a poorly cleaned day care facility.

More Illnesses

When your day care facility is not properly cleaned on a daily basis, more germs and allergens will remain on the surfaces of toys, appliances, and other materials.  Because the germs are never fully killed, they will continue to make your children and staff sick.  Many infections, such as the common cold, fungal infections, the flu, and other diseases are commonly spread throughout day care facilities.  By properly sanitizing all infected areas, you can prevent the spread of diseases.  Also, using nontoxic chemicals will help prevent any negative reactions to cleaning solutions that your facility may use.

Unattractive Facility

When your facility is not properly cleaning on a routine basis, your clients may begin to take notice.  When parents come in to drop off or pick up their kids, they may notice dust and debris building up on the floors and surfaces of your day care.  The office space may be noticeably cluttered and disorganized.  Foul odors can also build up in facilities with many dirty diapers and other odors from children.  This will make your facility unappealing and unattractive.

Loss of Business

Once you allow your day care facility to become unattractive by skipping out on routine cleaning, people will start to take notice and they may even leave your center.  This could easily give you a bad reputation.  People with children want to trust that their kids are in the right hands when they are at work.  This includes a clean facility.  If parents do not hear that you keep your facility clean and safe for their kids, they will likely not consider you as an option for child care.  Over time, this could ruin your business.

These are just a few of the risks of a poorly cleaned day care facility.  To prevent your day care facility from getting a reputation as a poorly maintained place, hire the best janitorial service in Commerce, CA to perform daily or weekly cleaning services to keep your facility safe and clean for the children.  You will likely notice a boost in business and much less illnesses spreading through your staff and customers.  Contact us today to get started on a cleaning schedule.