Top 4 Sources of Dirt in an Office

Top 4 Sources of Dirt in an Office

Top 4 Sources of Dirt in an Office

Regardless of the type of business you engage in, people will always come in and out of your workplace on daily basis. The constant traffic of customers, employees and various kinds of people means your office will get dirty after a while. Hence, there is need to engage the services of professionals to carry out your office cleaning in Commerce CA. You should note that germs are not limited to places like bathroom and toilets. Germs can be found in any place that accumulates dirt.

No office can be completely free of dirt and germs and by hiring professional office cleaning in Commerce CA, you can reduce the chances of illness, bacteria growth and allergic reactions in your workplace.

Are you aware of the dirtiest places in your offices? It is important to know these areas so you can give them some attention. Some of the dirtiest places in the offices are as follows:

Knobs and Buttons

The Knobs and button gets dirty because nearly all the person that is working in the office or visiting your workplace will have contact with them. Adequate cleaning of the knobs and button by office cleaning in Orlando is essential to ensure they are free from germs.

Coffee Pots

One of the biggest sources of bacteria is the office coffee pot. You may be wondering how the coffee pot is a source of bacteria. Majority of all workers who resumes work in the morning take coffee. You will discover that more than half of the office workers depend on the handle of the coffee pot to fill their cup. In fact, a recent study discovered that a coffee pot held about 34 times as much bacteria as the toilet seats in a school. This is because office coffee pots don’t get cleaned often and typically just get refilled when needed.


Table phones are also carriers of germs and bacteria because of the frequency of touch. Whether the phone is yours or an office phone, it is very important you take note of where your hands were before putting your hand on the phone. Phones are exposed to bacteria in several ways, they are brought close to our faces and some even take their phone to the restroom. Professional office cleaning services in commerce ca will help you to limit your exposure to germs and bacteria.

Computer Keyboards

One of the dirtiest things in the office is your keyboard. The keyboard is one of the most used tools in the office that comes in close contact with the hand. Worst still, many workers and keyboard users do not see any reason for getting the keyboard cleaned. When you consult us for office cleaning in commerce ca, all area that contribute to the dirtiness of your keyboard will be cleaned, thereby reducing your likelihood of spreading illness.

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