Tips for Evaluating Your Business Cleaning Service

Tips for Evaluating Your Business Cleaning Service

Tips for Evaluating Your Business Cleaning Service

If you are wondering if your janitorial service is just hitting the highlights and leaving a lot of dirt behind, then you may want to take a walk through your commercial building. There are several different places that dirt tends to hide.

Look Behind Machines

It is easy to get the area in front of the machines, but if you really want to know if your cleaning service is mopping or vacuuming, then look behind your machines. The way that air moves into an out of many office machines often means that dust and debris pile up behind them. Finding dirt here is often a sign that your cleaning service is hurrying to fast and not doing a great job.

Look Behind Doors

If there are doors in your office that are normally kept open, then take a quick peek behind them. You should not find any dust or dirt hiding there. You will also want to check the vents in your office to make sure that the dust is not collecting on them as it will stop the air conditioning from working properly.

Steps and Stairwells

If your office has steps or stairwells, then check them for dirt and debris. There is something about the corners of steps and stairwells that get dirty very quickly. People are knocking dirt off their shoes while climbing up and down and the dirt navigates to the corners, which need to be cleaned regularly.


You will also want to check the upholstery on your office furniture. While your cleaning crew cannot make an old sofa or chair look brand new again, they should know techniques to remove most stains. While you are there, make sure that the bottoms of office chairs are being dusted regularly.

Ceiling Fans

If you have ceiling fans in your business, then take an old white sock and put it on a stick. Wipe it across the top of the ceiling fan’s blades. You should not see dust go flying and the sock should remain white. If either one does not happen, then it may be time to have a conversation with your cleaning crew.

Light Fixtures

Fluorescent lighting in an office often attracts insects. Look at yours to make sure that it is clean. If too many bugs build up, it can reduce the amount of light that is getting into your office making it harder for your workers to see. When employees find it hard to see, they are less productive.

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