Not Feeling Great? Check Your Cleaning Supplies

Not Feeling Great? Check Your Cleaning Supplies

Not Feeling Great? Check Your Cleaning Supplies

Regardless if you clean your own office or hire an office cleaning in Commerce, CA. company to do it for you, if you or your employees are not feeling great, then you might want to check what cleaning products workers are using in your office. Many cleaning companies choose products with danger warnings printed on the label, and these products may be harming you and your staff’s health.

Corrosive Cleaners

Corrosive cleaners may be the most dangerous products workers are using. You or your cleaning staff may be using these cleaners to clean commodes, ovens, or for many other tasks around your facility.  Just getting a drop or two on you can cause severe burns. Their fumes can be highly irritating to the nose and eyes. They can also suffer lung damage, even if you breathe in the fumes. Two of the most popular products that fall into the corrosive cleaner category are chlorine bleach and ammonia.


Many cleaners have fragrances added to them to mask odors. These fragrances often produce headaches, but there are many other health problems associated with fragrances added to many cleaners. According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, about 33 % of all fragrances are toxic. The government, however, does not make companies release their ingredient lists, so they get away with using them in many cases. In addition to headaches, fragrances can cause respiratory issues and increase the chances of an asthma attack.


Many all-purpose cleaners contain Diethanolamine (DEA) and Triethanolamine (TEA). Researchers suspect these products of being carcinogenic when they meet nitrates in the cleaning solution. These colorless- thick liquids have an ammonia-like odor. They are often used to loosen grime, allowing you to wipe it away quickly. When manufacturers use these same ingredients in personal care products, the Federal Drug Administration recommends that you rinse them off very immediately.

Alkylphenol Ethoxylates

Other cleaning products contain alkylphenol ethoxylates. These ingredients have been shown to act like hormones when your body encounters them. Researchers believe that they can lower sperm counts in the body and cause birth defects in male fetuses. In some cases, researchers have found that they have caused breast cancer cells to multiply in test tubes.

What’s the Alternative?

Green cleaning products contain no harmful ingredients, so when your office cleaning in Commerce CA staff uses them, no one will get sick. In many cases, an office cleaning company using green products saves you money by making your team more productive through fewer sick-day call-ins. In addition to helping your staff stay healthier, green cleaning products have no harmful effects on the environment.

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