Amazing Office Cleaning Hacks You Didn’t Know

Amazing Office Cleaning Hacks You Didn’t Know

Amazing Office Cleaning Hacks You Didn’t Know

While you will still need to hire an office cleaning service to keep your business in Commerce, CA. clean, there will always be times that you and your employees make a mess that they need to clean up immediately. Use these office cleaning hacks to clean up the little messes between visits.

Scotch Tape to Clean Keyboards

If you have spilled crumbs on your keyboard, then grab a piece of Scotch tape. Wrap it up in a circle. Then, run it across the keyboard. The tape will catch all those little crumbs before they end up down in your keyboard where they can cause permanent damage. Since the tape grabs the crumbs, there is no possibility that they can end up back on your keyboard later.

Hand Sanitizer to Scrub White Boards

If your office is like many, then you may discover that the whiteboard eraser disappears frequently. There is no need to panic. Put some hand sanitizer on a lint-free cloth and wipe the board. It works even better than most erasers.

Condiment Lids Get Crumbs in Tight Spaces

If you have made a mess on the floor in a tight space, get a clean condiment lid. Use rubber bands to fasten it to the end of your vacuum cleaner hose. Then, move the hose across the area. The crumbs will come up through the condiment lid’s opening, allowing you to clean up the mess quickly.

Bread to Pick Up Glass

If you break a glass object in your office, then you can use bread to pick up all the little pieces. After you have picked up the larger pieces, then use a piece of bread, like a sponge, to make sure you get all the little ones.

Hair Dryer and Mayonnaise to Remove Water Stains

If you have a water stain on your desk or another area in your office that refuses to come up, then bring your hair dryer and mayonnaise to work. Usually, the hot air from the hair dryer will remove the water stain, but if it doesn’t, then rub a dab of mayonnaise on the spot. Then, clean as usual.

Vinegar to Clean Scissors

If your office scissors seem to have a residue on them, there is no need to replace them. Pour some white or apple cider vinegar on a towel and rub on them. After they are clean, give them a final rubdown with a clean cloth with more vinegar to make them look new again. You can opt to use apple cider or white vinegar.

While these hacks will keep your office looking better between cleanings, you still need an outstanding company for office cleaning in Commerce, CA. Call S & W Janitorial Services Inc. as they have the employees and tools required to do your office cleaning in Commerce, CA.