Janitorial Service vs Janitorial Supplies

Janitorial Service vs Janitorial Supplies

Janitorial Service vs Janitorial Supplies

When you are starting up a new office you need to make a decision about how you are going to handle the cleaning of the offices and other work spaces. You have two choices and both have their advantages and disadvantages. You can hire a janitorial service to come in and clean during off hours or you can buy all your own janitorial supplies and janitorial equipment and co your cleaning in house. There are several factors that will influence your decision.

Probably the most important factor in deciding between a janitorial service or buying your own janitorial supplies is the size of your work space. If you have a small business with only two or three employees and only a few rooms, then it is probably manageable to do the cleaning yourself. However, if you have a multiple floor office complex you would have to hire someone full time to take care of your janitorial service needs so you would be better off letting a professional cleaning service take care of it. Another thing to consider is how sensitive the work you do is. Hiring a janitorial service company means that people that are not your employees will be allowed access to your offices during non office hours with no supervision. If you are concerned about theft or industrial espionage, then you might want to keep your cleaning staff under your own jurisdiction.

The main benefit of keeping the cleaning in house is that you have control over who has access to what area of your office. You can do your own background checks when hiring someone for janitorial purposes. Another benefit would be cost savings. If your office consists of one large office and a bathroom, you would be better off buying some janitorial supplies from the local grocery store and cleaning your own space once a week than paying for a janitorial service that has overhead and costs that you would be able to avoid.

There are also benefits to hiring a janitorial service. The first is that the cleaning can be done during off hours. It is quite distracting for someone to be vacuuming or dusting in offices when others are trying to get work done. It is much better if the cleaning activities can be limited to non office hours and that is the way most cleaning services work.

Another benefit is the quality and expertise of the work. Professionals will have all the best supplies and equipment to make sure that they job is done right. You would have to fill several closets full of things before you had an arsenal that could match a good professional cleaning company.

In addition, they are able to offer many a la carte services that go above and beyond normal daily or weekly cleaning such as carpet shampooing, floor waxing, or power washing. Finally, another benefit could be cost. If you have enough square footage and people in your office, you might need a full or part time employee to handle your office cleaning. If that is the case, your costs might be lower if you hire a janitorial service.

The cost of training, salary, benefits, uniforms, and supplies can easily be more than what you would pay professionals.

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