4 Top Areas That Conceal Germs In Your Office

4 Top Areas That Conceal Germs In Your Office

4 Top Areas That Conceal Germs In Your Office

When you empty the garbage can, clean do windows, organize your desk, mop the tiles or vacuum the carpet, you give yourself that huge sigh of relief thinking your office is clean and free from germs right? Well you have to think again, there are some objects that hide germs in your office you have no idea of. Your office may look clean, but germs hide in places you least expected.

Germs cannot be seen with the eyes but when you catch a flu, your body will certainly feel it. To make you aware of where the germs are usuallyhiding, here is a list of areas you should pay more attention than before whenever you are cleaning your office.

Door Knobs

These are breeding grounds for germs owing to the fact that different people come in and out of your office every day. These people make contact with your door knobs with their hands, which is regarded to be the dirtiest part of the human body. A door knob infested with germs wastes no time in spreading diseases though out the office. To prevent such outbreak, it is best you get the service of an office cleaning service in Los Angeles to sanitize your office and the door knobs periodically during the day.

Refrigerator handle

The refrigerator handle is a hotpot for germs in your office. According to research 26 percent of refrigerator handles are infested with germs. If you were not cleaning the handle to your refrigerator, you better start doing so now. When the refrigerator handle is sullied by germs, it becomes easy to transfer them to food which may be shared by people, thereby spreading even more.

Office phones

When was the last time you wiped the phones at the office? Phones comes in close contact with the mouth, this makes it a comfortable place for germs to hide. With lot of work to do at the office, It may be difficult for you to remember to clean the phones, so it is best you contact an office cleaning service in Los Angeles to give the phones a thorough cleaning during their normal cleaning routines.

Office Mug

Do you wash the mug properly after use? When mugs are not properly washed after drinking that morning coffee, it becomes a haven for germs. It is very important you wash the mugs properly and rinse it with clean water after every use.

How can I stay safe in my office?

Now that you have known the hideout of the germs in your office, here are some tips to stay safe

  • Wash your hands often
  • Put hand sanitizer around your office
  • Wipe down door knobs and refrigerator handle often
  • Wash the mugs before and after use

How can I get rid of the germs effectively from my office?

Germs are stubborn organisms, using mere soap and water won’t wipe them off from your office completely. If you want to get rid of these germs effectively, call us or send an email today. We offer the best office cleaning service in Los Angeles and we assure you of a germ-free office.