Cleaning Premises After Fire An Indispensable and Rigorous Work

Cleaning Premises After Fire

An Indispensable and Rigorous Work

Cleaning Premises After Fire

Your business, your hotel or your office in Los Angeles has just been burnt. In addition to the material damage, that fire involves, the fire left traces: persistent odors, soot deposition everywhere. The cleaning of your business premises is a tedious job but essential, compulsory before starting any reconstruction work.

Why use a cleaning company?

A fire causes damages to your premises that are not all irremediable. But, if you want to recover healthy walls or clean floors, it is strongly recommended to use a specialized company that provides janitorial services in Los Angeles that will clean the premises. Indeed, not only cleaning the premises after the fire is a long and rigorous job, but it requires appropriate equipment and trained personnel. Indeed, cleaning companies implement very specific operations such as cryogenic cleaning.

This type of method requires special protection of the cleaning agents (combination, masks) and specific training in the techniques required by this type of cleaning of premises. Many cleaning companies offer this service.

Firefighting professionals will suggest you carry out these different tasks:

  • Pre-cleaning

    the company will dump all the irrecoverable elements in order to proceed to the next steps in the best possible conditions. Material deemed recoverable will be set aside for later cleaning.

  • Disinfection and decontamination of walls and floors.
  • Cleaning the soot.
  • Remove odors.
  • Treatment of corrosion.
  • Rehabilitation of paintings and facades.
  • The cleaning companies adapt their work methods according to the nature of the fire and the extent of the damage it has caused.

Cryogenic fire cleaning

This is a very effective method, especially for cleaning soot and removing odors. This technique involves projecting dry ice particles. It has two significant advantages:

This is a quick method: the intervention time is 80% less than the other methods.It is a method that mobilizes less staff: two people for two days against six agents for six days!

Other methods of cleaning premises after the fire

To remove soot that has often been deposited in every corner of the furniture, skirting boards or floors, there are some other methods, less effective than cryogenics:

  • The sandblasting

    The disadvantage of this method is that it requires a restatement of recoverable items.

  • Brushing

    The use of brushes to scrape soot, effective when the fire has been small and quickly controlled.

  • Detergents

    This method requires time and tedious work.

  • Encapsulation

    This technique consists of covering damaged floors with a specific coating.

To remove odors, you can use a nebulizer, which uses a cold odor removal technology. However, it is advisable to install scented candles when employees have returned to work to improve their comfort, the odors after a fire being particularly persistent.

Cleaning the premises: the treatment of corrosion

This operation is often included in the services of companies specialized in cleaning after the fire and it is to be realized as quickly as possible. It consists in reducing the humidity by means of dryers or by spraying a water-repellent oil on the metallic elements - the electrical equipment absolutely must be preserved of this oil.

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