Carpet Cleaning A Necessary and Effective Operation

Carpet Cleaning

A Necessary and Effective Operation

Carpet Cleaning

Are the floors of your workspaces covered with carpet and do you appreciate the comfort that this upholstery brings to your everyday life? You are the manager of a hotel whose rooms have carpeted floors and you want to maintain the best for the well-being of your customers? Too often, the carpets are changed well before they are worn, because of the lack of cleaning.

Here is the cleaning carpet steam: the method recommended by the manufacturers.

This method allows deep cleaning of your carpets that eliminate all dirt and other bacteria in the fiber where other methods often remain on the surface.

How does it work?

Sprays of fine droplets of hot water and detergent are used to force the encrusted dirt to rise to the surface. The sprayer then sucks this dirt thanks to a powerful suction technique. The dirt is then collected in a large tank. It is recommended that this tank is mounted on a truck outside of the offices, so dirty air and bacteria are not recirculated into the air of the cleaned surface.

These carpet cleaning systems also have the advantage of having optimized power and reducing the drying time of the carpet.

Some janitorial services in Los Angeles often use heated water over 200 degrees to further improve the efficiency of the process. Be careful to define with the professional that you choose the steam cleaning method that best suits your carpet: too much power can damage your coating by irreversibly damaging the fibers of your carpet.

Carpet cleaning: Basic System technique

Designed in the laboratory, this technique for cleaning carpets has been in use for many years by many hoteliers and businesses. Its advantages:

  • The carpet is barely dampened: the drying time is shortened (about 30 minutes instead of several hours)
  • This technique does not use foam, powder or soap whose residues are often embedded in the fibers for a long time.
  • This method allows deep cleaning thanks to efficient brushing and quick drying.
  • This technique is completely silent.

Some tips for carpet cleaning

Maintaining your carpet helps extend its life and therefore make your coating a real investment winner. Here are some recommendations to take care of the carpets in your offices:

  • Importance of suction: regularly vacuuming the carpet with the right material in terms of power can remove dirt as they go before they become embedded in the deepest fibers.
  • Intervene as soon as a task appears: the longer you wait, the more the task becomes encrusted and will be difficult to remove. It is recommended to use cold water because the hot water fixes the task.
  • Intervene regularly: the frequency of cleaning is the necessary and indispensable condition for proper care of your carpets.

Choosing the right carpet cleaning method is therefore recommended for maximum efficiency. Do not hesitate to take advice from specialized Janitorial Services in Los Angeles. Regular maintenance of your carpets will allow you to keep them for a long time in good condition for your comfort and that of your collaborators or customers.

If you noticed that your office or hotel carpet is losing its bright look to dirt, do not hesitate to turn on to S & W Janitorial Services Inc, a company offering Janitorial Services in Los Angeles to help get your carpet cleaner and brighter.